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We are bombarded with campaign ads before each election, and we have no idea if these ads are true or not!

We end up voting without knowing what each of these politicians have accomplished regarding “bills” sponsored, (originally introduced by that person), (originated), and passed into law!

The service here at “”, is to help you navigate through the laws that were sponsored, (originated), by YOUR House Representative or YOUR Senators, during their years in the U.S. Congress!

We give you a step by step process to make it easy for YOU to obtain the information and make an educated decision BEFORE voting!

Once you navigate through this site and see what your state’s politicians have accomplished, it is easy to see if you want to vote for her or him again or to vote for someone new!

It seems  that a politician’s job security stems from our lack of research and knowledge before we vote!

Find out what your community representative and your state senators have been doing the past 2 to 40 years in congress!

Lets find out!

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(Read each direction after number before clicking to information).

  1. Click, congress,  scroll down below, Current Members of Congress, CLICK, (select  a state), and CLICK, (state), you are looking for. Scroll through Representatives and note names of Senators,  each state has two. 1.______________________, below name,  year started in congress ___________.  2. __________________________, below name, year started in congress ___________.

  2. CLICK, (back to navigate page), follow to find Representative, CLICK,  ZIP code, enter your zip code and CLICK, FIND YOUR REP BY ZIP,  and on new screen, on map, see if you live in that district, and note your Representative’s name, _____________________________.
  3. CLICK, (back to navigate page), to find your Representative’s or Senators’ work records. CLICK, House, or Senate, and CLICK, (First letter), of last name, scroll down and CLICK, (name).  Representative or Senator will appear. —-   SHE OR HE REPRESENTS YOU!  For Representative,  Below name,  year started in congress ___________.
  4. Scroll down past bills, (desk top; to bills),  below Sponsorship,  CLICK, (Sponsored Legislation), scroll down  CLICK,  (Status of Legislation),  scroll down  CLICK, (Became Law).  CLICK,    (number of law), and read that law.
  5. Repeat with reading each law (originated) by your Representative, and your Senators that are most important to your community and to your state!   #’s 6,7,8, (below), fill in the blanks.
  6. Number of important laws, ( laws to help the majority of people in my district), my Representative, name, ________________________, (originated) _________, for number of years, __________,  in the House.

  7. Number of important laws, ( laws to help the majority of people in my state),  my Senator, name, ________________________, (originated) _________, for number of years, __________,  in the  Senate.
  8. Number of important laws, ( laws to help the majority of people in my state),  my other Senator, name, ________________________, (originated) _________, for number of years, __________,  in the  Senate.

As you can see, the above politicians’ accomplishments do not rely on campaign ads, good looks, or fast talking, but only on actual performance results!

Ask yourself if you would be happy with that record of accomplishments during that time in office!

There is no mention of which party to vote for, or voting just one party, only accomplishments of who sponsored, (originated) and had laws passed, (both parties agreeing), that benefited the most people!

Should I vote to keep them in office with their accomplishments, or vote for a new candidate with new ideas and new enthusiasm? Did they sponsor, (originate) the most laws that benefited the most people? Does their time in office seem to be productive time?

If yes, vote for that person, if not, look for a new candidate to vote for!

Here is the path to new candidates for your district US Representative and your state’s US Senators.

(Read all directions below before clicking on candidates).


2. Scroll down and CLICK, desired (state).

3. Research through site, or at top right of gray box, CLICK, (number), next to word Candidates. (Some States do not have a clear path to information about new candidates).

4. CLICK, (website) next to corresponding number you clicked above.

5. Websites research results for new candidate I want to vote for: My district House Representative, _____________________________. My State Senator, ____________________________________.

There you have it!
Existing politicians with their work records and new candidates.

It seems the politician’s job security is from voters’ lack of research into the politicians’ accomplishments of laws sponsored, (originated), and passed, or lack thereof, for the good of the American people!

It’s sometimes interesting to look up other politicians’ records from other states, to see what they have accomplished in their years in office. You may be surprised ! ! !


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